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Luminaire Safety Certification

CB7, black and grey patterned porcelain pendant lights with moulds
CB7, black and grey patterned porcelain pendant lights with moulds

This month we sent pendant lamp samples to the Lighting Industry Association (LIA). Every three years our luminaires are assessed and our safety certificates are updated for the UK and EU markets.

As always, we receive great professional guidance and advice about industry standards and updates from the team at the LIA. We are happy with the knowledge that our products are compliant and meet the best industry safety standards and practices.

Several years ago we embarked on a journey of producing lights, originally floor-standing and later pendant lights which needed CE certification to sell in Europe. Now the UK is no longer part of the EU the UKCA mark (Symbol) also needs to be used on our lighting products to show standards for here have been met.

As with anything done for the first time, the luminaire assessment process seemed complex at first and rigorous tests were required to be passed to gain certification. Construction of our pendants as well as the materials used in their production were assessed by the LIA engineers against a range of criteria. Amongst other things, their construction and weight, insulation resistance to protect against electric shock, electrical strength, resistance to heat, fire and tracking, external and internal wiring, resistance to dust and moisture and even the labels are all tested so the luminaire can be given a classification for use.

Our lamps are, for example, classified as Class 1, IP20 (protection against dust, solid object and moisture) indicating they are for internal use only, excluding bathrooms. On every lighting product page on this website, you can see or download lamp specifications which will advise, for example, what LED bulbs E14 or E27 bulbs (8W LED max) can be used for that particular pendant light.

Our lights are sold with a shade, lampholder, cable and ceiling rose. As with any electrical installation, we would advise they are installed by a qualified electrician. If you have any questions please get in touch and let us know how we can help you.

P.S. We are fans of the Lighting Industry Association and if you want to contact them you can find their link here: