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About Us


We are Yve Thelermont and David Hupton. Cabinet making, fine art, furniture and product design form the backdrop to our creative work. We met while studying in London.

In 2004 the Thelermont Hupton studio was established to develop products with original aesthetics that
did not compromise on functionality.

“Modernist traditions have
always influenced us. Pared down, understated objects that exploit the beauty
and functionality of materials, but we also revel in explosions of fun, colour, flair and vivid expression.”

From an early experimental
approach we continued to refine and develop our passion for objects that engage people, express personality and offer a sensory experience.

Our aim has been to deliver
diverse pieces to customers that provide character, can easily compliment individual home decor and help create a mood, an attitude.

Worldwide retail customers have been varied, from small independents to museum and department stores such as Liberty, MOMA NY, Boutique Centre Pompidou and Bon Marche to name a few.

Our products, some custom made, are also specified to offer solutions for private residential, hospitality and commercial interiors like nhow London, Citizen M hotels.

From a studio based near Cambridge in the UK, we have been capturing imaginations with beautifully designed and made products since 2004.


Our mission is to build diverse collections of well-designed products with distinct purpose, identity and quality that others enjoy and love to live alongside.

A hands-on approach is taken to design and making in the studio workshop. Concepts, experiments and prototypes are developed into products through drawing, model making, 3-d visualisations and 3-d printing. These are then brought into production through collaborations with talented and highly experienced model makers, artisans and small craft-based manufacturers.

Our current makers are concentrated in the UK with some in the European Union. Whether local steel fabricators, wood turners or ceramic producers from the historic heart of Stoke-on-Trent, their expertise consistently delivers objects of quality and desire that stand the test of time.

Studio life has always involved assembly and hand finishing of pieces, but over recent years our development of new skills and craft techniques has enabled some in-house production.


Our sustainability credentials are constantly evolving. We want our products to be cherished for many years to come and consequently strive for quality and durability.

Our products are generally small batch or hand made. Current manufacture is UK based using local makers in Norfolk, Essex, Stoke-on-Trent, with some in Europe and our studio.

We minimise waste, reuse where possible and pay attention to material origin. For example, plant-based wood finishes and FSC-certified timber are from the EU. Clay and plaster materials are UK made with glazes from Europe and some from the US.

Overall, packaging materials like cardboard, loose-fill materials and papers are 70% recycled, some are biodegradable. We pack products in appropriate sized boxes to minimise waste and cost.

We comply with WEEE - the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations. See how we can help recycle your old electrical items when purchasing a new item from us here

Since the 1st April 2020 our studio has been running on 100% renewable energy. We have workplace energy efficiencies in place but still have work to do and becoming carbon neutral is a priority for us.