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      A perfect compliment to our breakfast set. Elegant and simple.

      Brilliantly white and delicately translucent, bone china is the epitome of luxury. Beautiful yet functional. Five sizes ranging from mug size down to espresso size. The cups have been cast and hand finished by traditional craftsmen from a family company in Stoke on Trent, UK.


      85 dia. x 77 h mm (0.35L / 12oz)

      83 dia. x 55 h mm (0.2L / 6.75oz)

      70 dia. x 72 h mm (0.2L / 6.75oz)

      65 dia. x 62 h mm

      55 dia. x 60 h mm (0.1L / 3.38oz)

      Available individually or in sets of 4

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